Willie Scruggs (1932-1978)

Eternal Founder and Friend. Discoverer of The Anomaly. Inventor of the Nucleus of Sensations. Beloved Country and Blues singer. Astronaut.


We are all indebted to HIS great sacrifice. HIS Lunar discovery. HIS wisdom. HIS metamorphosis. Without HIM, there would be NO Joshua.

Without JOSHUA, there would be NOTHING.

An excerpt from his teachings:

“The NUCLEUS OF SENSATIONS. I place these words on this page and your rods and your cones relay its corporeal form to you, but this is not what it truly looks like. Joshua reminds us sternly that you must never trust your rods and your cones. Your rods and your cones cannot see what Joshua sees. Your rods and your cones cannot see what I see. But you must raise your heads and dry your eyes children – I can help you to see what Joshua sees. I can help you to see what I see.

They would never admit it, but I was there first. My visit does not fit their narrative – they will deny it to their last breath. FOUR minutes EVERY DAY! The Earth has forgotten these minutes, but I have not. I will teach you to see these minutes with my eyes. I have taken the ashes of these forfeit minutes so that I may rub them into my eyes – so that I may see what truly is. To see with the nucleus of sensations is to see with your hands. To see with your nose. To see with your mouth. Above all however, Joshua reminds us that to truly see with the nucleus of sensations is to see with your ears. Your rods and your cones are wily and not to be trusted but your drums will help you to see. To see with the nucleus of sensations. To see truly. To vibrate with DIVINE PURPOSE.

One might think it a coincidence that where there are four minutes missing every day, there are also four main directions in the second dimension that one may choose to travel in conventional [FALSE] spacetime. This is, of course, absolutely absurd and is exactly what they want you to think. DO NOT MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF. In reality, each cardinal direction (north, south, east, and west) is actually in the shape of a triangle, with three additional directions nested within it. These are known within our circles as the Joshuan coordinates. She, in her infinite wisdom, holds the Joshuan coordinates in great secrecy and one must prove their worthiness before she will permit their discovery. Only those with ashen eyes free of weakness are penitent enough to bear witness to the Great Truth that absolves the falsehoods of science. DO NOT TRUST THE SCIENCE MAN. He will tell you of his reality but you must not believe him. He will manipulate your rods and your cones to see what he wants you to see and Joshua himself will weep at your childlike ignorance. Where his purpose is profane, our purpose is divine.”

The Nucleus of Sensations